Speaker Presentations

Getting a Clue, Conjuring a Vision and Executing a Plan

Shadow IT, Privacy & Record Retention Issues

IGP: The Importance of Collaboration

Shared Drive Clean-up: A Road Map

Negotiation and Conflict Management

Validating the Resiliency of Your Records Management Software

Cybersecurity Law: Traps for the Unwary

Data Warehousing

Blockchain Revolution: What Do RM & IG Professionals Need to Know?

GDPR - Decoded

Peace, Love and Tequila

Pwning, Phishing, Clickjacking: Risks

Getting Unstuck:  Keeping Your Plans Moving Forward

Know Your Data: Preparing for Conversion or Integration

Nancy Cologna

Customer Service - It's Not About The Steak, It's About The Sizzle!!

Take the Terminology Challenge


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